Siguen los preparativos para
el IPW en Washington


The day before, the U.S. Travel Association (U.S. Travel Association) combined with Tourism Bureau in Washington D.C. (Destination DC) and Dulles Airport (Dulles International) in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing launched the roadshow, the elite to China tourism and tourism focused media colleagues recommend tourism industry in the United States the largest scale and the highest efficiency and most professional exhibition IPW. June 3, 2017 to 7, the forty-ninth IPW exhibition will be held in Washington, dc.

National annual feast IPW convergence World Vision

IPW exhibition by the American Tourism Association to create, for the U.S. local suppliers and global and domestic buyers to provide product display, resource procurement and information exchange platform, is the largest international tourism exhibition. The exhibitor type covers the local land companies, the official tourism administration, the State Tourism Administration, airlines, destination management companies, bus companies, scenic spots, hotels, resorts, etc.. Buyers at the IPW show can really talk with local tourism experts. Each year more than 1000 U.S. domestic suppliers with nearly 1300 domestic and international buyers participants.

IPW unique "appointment" mechanism, will be closely linked to buyers and sellers together. The buyer can have up to 44 times with suppliers one-on-one negotiations opportunity. Total negotiations during the exhibition about 100 thousand times, the next three years the amount of orders is expected to reach $4 billion 700 million.


National tourism industry annual feast IPW 2017 meet wonderful Washington

IPW exhibition by the U.S. Travel Association (U.S. Travel Association) as the host, authority of the organization of the tourism industry, a member of the association under the jurisdiction of thousands. Including responsibility with the federal government, National Tourism Organization Communication CEO Roundtable, guide the national tourism development, research situation and promote mutual communication, and strive to maximize the promotion of long-term and sustainable development of tourism.

American Tourist Association is a non-profit organization at the national level, the United States will promote inbound and domestic tourism for the purpose of leading up to 2 trillion and 100 billion of the value of tourism industry in economic output, providing up to 15 million jobs. For more information, please visit the official website www.ustravel.org

National tourism industry annual feast IPW 2017 meet wonderful Washington

Large buyers all Chinese style

The number of Chinese buyers has maintained steady growth over the past five years. 2016 IPW show the number of Chinese buyers 134, including from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chongqing, Chengdu, Qingdao and other key tourist city travel agencies, exhibition companies and media representatives. Repeat buyers repeat rate is very high, it can be seen Chinese buyers recognition of the effectiveness of the talks.

For Chinese buyers, IPW will host the annual "buyers that will, by the IPW headquarters and China office staff for details, schedule and other details of the exhibition, to help you have a very clear understanding of the exhibition, strive to make each Chinese buyers participants get guidance and participants experience the most effective.


National tourism industry annual feast IPW 2017 meet wonderful Washington

June 3, 2017 to 7, the tourism industry's most authoritative international exhibition IPW will be held in Washington, DC, which is the show debut in Washington, dc. Washington, DC Tourism Bureau is also actively preparing for the annual tourism event, but also hope that the IPW exhibition will bring a new round of tourism boom.

National tourism industry annual feast IPW 2017 meet wonderful Washington

The historical and cultural city of Washington has rich art resources, new ithson's new museum of African American history and culture of National Museum grand opening on September 24, 2016, the museum has 12 exhibition halls and more than 3000 African Americans from exile to today's cultural relics. The National Museum of art, which lasted three years, $30 million renovation, in September 30, 2016 new foreign exhibition. Visitors can visit the museum's 500 modern art collections. Modern works "Catalina Frich Hahn / cock", a 15 foot tall blue Rooster statue will serve as a new platform for outdoor statue stands in the roof of the Museum of art is to overlook the streets of Pennsylvania.


National tourism industry annual feast IPW 2017 meet wonderful Washington

In addition, a wide range of assorted Washington cuisine and supporting the perfect hotel always welcome visitors from. It is worth mentioning that the Washington D.C. Travel Bureau in September 2016 to open a new project more welcome Chinese, provides great convenience for tourists from Chinese, with Washington D.C. Tourism Bureau official certification organization member of the scenic spots, travel agencies, restaurants and hotels will be with the greatest enthusiasm to greet visitors China.

Dulles International Airport (Dulles International) recently arrived in the building, but also provide Chinese services, Chinese tourists do not have to worry about language barriers. The airport in the IPW period will also provide the most attentive service to the guests from all corners of the country.